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This website was specifically created for supporters of AfriForum who live abroad and would like to regularly contribute to our projects and actions, but do not have access to a South African bank account.

AfriForum sincerely appreciates South Africans who live abroad, as well as supporters of other nationalities who live outside South Africa and are interested in our activities. Matters that currently enjoy much attention include farm attacks and murders.

This channel allows you to keep abreast of our activities and make monthly donations that will enable us to continue these activities.

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Issues that are currently receiving much attention, are:

Farm attacks and farm murders

The world must know

The world must know

AfriForum launched a comprehensive campaign for the protection of civil rights in South Africa. Various countries on almost all continents will be visited as part of the campaign. Issues on which the campaign will specifically focus include expropriation without compensation, as well as farm murders, hate speech and the South African government’s veneration of human rights violators.